Genie Hardee



Genie’s Energywork is based on almost 50 years of extensive study and countless hours of hands on experience.


Her study of Energywork began in 1973, when she discovered and experienced Polarity Therapy. She studied Jin Shin Jitsu with Jay Victor Schearer in Santa Fe (1975). Then began extensive study in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, with Stuart Watts (the founder of the South West College of Acupuncture) through the Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine, where she also qualified in Naturopathy and Bodywork. She was a licensed New Mexico Massage Therapist in 1978.


She lived in Australia 1983-1995. She organized Naturopathic and Bodywork programs for three Natural Therapies Colleges, and taught many courses. She worked along side Medical Doctors, and helped hundreds of people with their health challenges.

Genie offers Qigong classes and teacher training. She also offers (QHHT) Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique sessions. Please view her other websites for these services. Click on the website preview image below to link to the website.

Energywork Systems

Polarity Therapy


Dr. Randolf Stone D.C. developed this system of Energywork in the 1970’s. It is based on Ayuvedic (Yoga) principles of the Tridosha, and on Traditional Chinese Medicine.


There are 3 types of Polarity techniques, based on the 3 GUNAS:


  • SATVIC: Passive techniques, simply holding points (energy vortices), and off the body (aura) techniques.


  • RAGASIC: Rocking and shaking movements, which disperse static energy.


  • TAMASIC: Deep energetic penetration to disperse very dense, very stagnant energy.


These techniques are simple, yet powerful. Energy sensations are often felt.


Genie Jin Shin


This very pleasant, very effective type of Energywork was developed in Japan.


“I began studying Jin Shin Jitsu in 1976, with Dr. Jay Victor Shearer in Santa Fe. He had learned it from Mary Burmeister, who had brought it to the US.


I began my very intensive study of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1978. When I
learned about what was then known as the 8 Extra Meridians, I intuitively knew that this was very important information.


When Iona Teegardin published her book Jin Shin Do, in 1980. I was excited by her
understanding that this type of Energywork had the effect of opening and balancing The 8 Extraordinary Channels.


I began learning Qigong in 1986, and over the years I have found that an important
aspect of Qigong is the opening, circulating, and cultivating of this 4th/5th dimensional energy matrix. The 8 Extraordinary Vessels are a dormant key factor in our Ascension process.”


I have developed my own effective style of Jin Shin Energywork, which I call Genie Jin Shin.


Combinations of acupressure points are simple held, until a release is felt. The person sinks deeper and deeper into a state of Peace and relaxation. Tension holding patterns melt away, the receiver enters into a state of Empty Mind, profoundly relaxed body consciousness. The person emerges feeling balanced, with tension gone. Health problems are positively effected.


What does Genie Shin Jin mean?


  • GENIE is the name used in the Western world for a Jin. It also happens to be my name. My given name is Imogene. From the beginning of my life I have been called Genie.


  • JIN is a magical being, a being with powers who resides in the 4th dimension (astral plane) known by Muslims and in Chinese culture.


  • SHIN is the Japanese (translated in English) spelling for the Chinese (translated in English) word Shen. This term refers to your Higher Self, your immortal soul.


Your Genie spirit, your Jin spirit is the magical part of your self that has the ability to heal. Your Shin (Shen) is the highest part of the trinity that is yourself. Jin Shin Jitsu means “the art of the creator through the person of compassion”.


Fun Fact: Qui-Gon Jinn was the Jedi Knight teacher. The translation of this name means Qigong Genie.


Medical Qigong


China’s very ancient Energywork system has in recent years been designated the name Medical Qigong for use in English speaking countries.


This is a very powerful healing system, and requires as the name implies, the mastery of working with Qi.


A Qigong Healer has a good Heart, has a healthy, balanced, developed personal energy system, and becomes proficient in communicating with Qi. You develop the ability to feel Qi, differentiate various qualities of Qi, emit Qi powerfully,  draw and guide Qi, open vortices, and create energy orbs. You will have the knowledge to be able to diagnose, formulate treatment strategies, and give prescriptions of energy movements and healing sound techniques, specific to individuals.


You cultivate a quiet mind, feel Peace and contentment, the ability to concentrate, to communicate and work/play with Qi. A Healer needs to have a loving Heart, feel love for yourself, and for others. It is important to develop your Yi (Mind Intent).


Training in Medical Qigong includes learning energy anatomy and physiology, the organ systems, diagnosis, and the causes of disease states. You will learn the complete energy matrix, including the dormant 4th/5th dimensional matrix (the 8 Psychic Vessels), which you will learn to open, activate and cultivate. You will learn the energy channels and energy vortices (acupressure points). You will learn how to “melt” and move stagnant energy. How to bring in fresh energy in deficiencies. How to drain, and release excessive energy.


There is much to learn over a period of time. All through the training, you will be learning practical, useful techniques you can use immediately for self care and to help others.


The learning process will be easy, very enjoyable….you will experience much self healing. You will be receiving as well as giving treatment, throughout. You will be learning to be a Qi Master. You will unleash the healer within.


Putting It All Together


Polarity Therapy is very easy to learn. The techniques are simple, yet powerful. You can quickly start to feel energy, giving you confidence in your abilities. Early in the training you will learn a complete Polarity session, be awarded with a certificate, and you can start offering Energywork sessions. That will be your strong base to build on as we move deeper into your process of developing your magic.


Jin Shin requires a bit more study, learning acupressure points. Once you learn to feel the points, learn to relax your own body, and go into a meditative state while giving sessions, you will so enjoy giving Jin Shin sessions.  You can enjoy, as much as the receiver does. Doing Jin Shin will help you empty and quiet your mind, feel centered, and fully in the Now…. good for you and very good for the person who receives it.


We start by learning a general Jin Shen session that will benefit everyone. Then we will learn sessions that are specific to certain conditions. You will be becoming a professional Energywork Healer.


Once you master Jin Shin, you will be awarded another certificate (along with your Polarity certificate) to put on the wall of your sacred healing space.


Medical Qigong requires more training, with Polarity and Jin Shin as your base you will be well on your way to being able to work magic.


From the very start of your Energywork training, you will be learning very ancient Qigong movements and meditations, which will transform you into your true powerful Self. You will open and activate your potential. You will actually become a Qigong Master. We are moving into the Aquarian Age, and the ancient art of Qigong is a key to developing our potential as human beings. We are now blessed with the opportunity to receive Knowledge, that for many many centuries was carefully guarded secrets.