Energywork Sessions

I have literally applied my healing touch, and have taught others to apply theirs, to hundreds of bodies, over 50 years as a professional healer.


In my energywork sessions, I get your energy flowing. I have the ability to feel energy blockages, and energy deficiencies. Every session is different according to individual needs.


We begin with questions that will help me make a diagnosis. Then you will lie down on my comfortable treatment table. I will use my hands, fingers, vision, and mind intent (Yi), to help you in the best way that I can.


My energy work techniques include Polarity Therapy moves….. to mobilize…. release Qi…. and to balance Qi…. to positively affect body and aura.

I will then hold combinations of acupressure points to open and mobilize your 8 Extraordinary, 4th/5th dimensional, deep energy vessels. This type of work is called Jin Shin, and I have developed my own style of this powerful work. My style includes holding points on your head, and points which open up the entire 8 Vessel matrix. This matrix is a dormant reservoir of energy potential.


As these magical, evolutionary channels open, you will sink deeper, and deeper into a profound state of Peace and relaxation. Your mind will empty of all considerations….you will experience a whole body/mind still point state….as you experience this deep Peace…. tension holding patterns melt and release.


Your energy matrix will balance as excess energy is freed, transformed, and absorbed into the reservoirs. Nourishing energy will be released to fill deficient organ centers and their energy channels.


I will then apply Medical Qigong techniques to dredge, and to guide your surface channels, apply invisible needle technique to acupuncture/ acupressure points to activate, unblock, and move your Organ channels. When appropriate, I will break up, and disperse very stagnant Qi, which causes disease. I will channel Heaven Qi (yang), and Earth Qi (yin)


When the session is complete, you will emerge refreshed, renewed, and feeling better than before.


I may teach you, give you, Qigong movements and sound prescriptions that you can use to heal yourself.



Energywork Classes

A Fulfilling Career in Energywork


Are you being called to be an Energywork Healer? If so, you need training in Energywork that works. You need to be able to…


Feel the Qi


Your clients need to feel the Qi. You also need to be energy healthy. You need to have energy balance, and be a clean, clear channel for healing Qi (Life Force Energy). You need to be able to quiet your mind, and work in a meditative state. You need to feel peace and be very relaxed.


Genie Hardee will help you achieve your dream, your mission. You can make a living, doing what you love. You may combine your Energywork with being a Qigong teacher, giving classes. (see the website

In this beautiful training, you will learn successful, time proven Energywork systems. How to give treatments that feel very good, and help people with their problems.


Classes Description


There will be weekly classes, you can attend, which will be 3 or 4 hours long. In the first hour of these classes, you will learn Qigong to cleanse and heal yourself, and to charge your energy to heal others. Followed by 2 or 3 hours of Energywork training. You will be given very good reference materials, instruction from a very experienced teacher, and practice experience.


You Will Learn


  • Polarity Therapy


  • Genie Jin Shen


  • Medical Qigong


  • Self Care Techniques for yourself and to teach others.


  • Powerful Vibrational Sound Healing


Your Opportunities


1.  Energywork is becoming very popular, or at least Energywork training is becoming popular. Many Healers are being called to do this service. You may have already done some Energywork training. If so you may be ready to add to and develop your skill and proficiency. Whether you are a beginner or already have some skill, this training gives you an excellent foundation for becoming a very effective Energywork practitioner. You will learn techniques that are pleasurable, and get results. To develop a Career in Energywork, requires offering work that people do feel and enjoy. People will reward you, when you are able to help them. You will develop a successful career and do the work that you love.


2.  To be a really good Energywork Healer requires cleansing, balancing, activating, and cultivating your own body’s energy system.You need to be a clean, balanced, open channel for healing energy. Qigong and Taoist Alchemy practices are time honored, effective techniques for evolving as a human being. It can transform you into a being, who is truly healed and can help heal others. The Chinese Wisdom Keepers were gifted with very complete Knowledge of the human energy system. For many many centuries they have carefully guarded this precious Knowledge, as secrets to be shared with the few. We are now entering a New Age, and this Knowledge is available to many. You have the opportunity to learn Qigong and Taoist Inner Alchemy. By doing these practices you learn to communicate with Qi (Life Force Energy), You develop the ability to feel Qi, and the ability to work with it to heal others. When you become good at doing Qigong, then you can learn to teach Qigong. (see my website


3.  Being a Qigong Teacher will help you develop your Energywork career in two important ways. You will attract to you in your classes, beautiful beings, who will want to experience Energywork, and will want to have Energywork sessions with you. A major part of providing Medical Qigong Healing sessions is teaching others to heal themselves with self healing energy techniques. A Medical Qigong Healer gives specific homework prescriptions. You will have learned in your Energywork training how to diagnose, and how to give individual lessons in appropriate Qigong movements, powerful sound techniques, and helpful advice. A Qigong Healer is also a Qigong teacher. You can develop a successful career as a Qi Gong teacher and an effective Energywork Healer. You will, therefore, flourish in a career that will give you the opportunity to do work that you love. You will be able to serve others, and support yourself by doing it.

Classes Schedule

The classes schedule will be updated soon.